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Biophysical Methods: Bio Research Laboratory

The Biophysical methods course is designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students an understanding of detailed concepts of state of the art techniques involved in biological and biochemical research. Students will grasp the underlying principles o


The Biomedical Informatics Research Laboratory (BIRL) at LUMS aims to address such complex bio-medical challenges by leveraging integrative approaches that cut across disciplines. The currently ongoing research themes at BIRL include (i) Cancer Systems Biology, (ii) Computational Proteomics and (iii) Health Informatics. We absolutely love to listen from colleagues working in these areas. Please feel free to ping us .


Bio Research 

An integrative analysis of biological and clinical data can help researchers develop a deeper appreciation of the principles underpinning life. Towards this goal, we construct integrative models of complex pathologies such as cancer to as far as building decision support systems for conditions such as pregnancy. The current research focuses of BIRL include multi scale integrative investigation of cancer, development of next-generation cancer modeling software, top-down proteomics search engine and e-health monitoring systems.