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Labor Law: Case Law

Judgments / Decisions

Army Welfare Sugar Mills Workers’ Union Vs Army Welfare Sugar Mills,

2009 PLC 132

General Manager, Hotel International, Lahore and another Vs Bashir A. Malik and another

PLD 1986 SC 103

Mahmood Hussain Larik and 2 others Vs Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd.,

2011 PLC 307

Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd. Through Authorized Officer/Industries Relations Manager vs Registrar of Trade Unions, Sindh and 3 others,

2010 PLC 48

Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Karachi Vs Sindh Labour Court No. V, Karachi and others,

2011 SCMR 1709

Civil Aviation Authority, Islamabad and others Vs Union of Civil Aviation Employees and another

PLD 1997 SC 78

International Textile Ltd. Through Factory Manager Vs Registrar of Trade Unions, Government of Sindh and 3 others

2010 PLC 125

Sui Northern Gas Co. Ltd. Through Authorized Officer and 3 others Vs Registrar of Trade Unions & 3 others

S6 & 7 2009, PLC 120

Habib Sugar Mills Ltd., trough Manager vs Registrar of Trade Unions, Government of Sindh and 4 others,

2001 PLC 441

Mazdoor Union, Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd., through General Secretary Vs Presiding Officer, Punjab Labour Court No. 9 Multan and 2 others

2010 PLC 210

Dandot Cement Factory Ltd., Vs Registrar of Trade Unions Jehlum and 2 others

2009 PLC 166

Mushtaq Husain Shah Vs Riaz Muhammad Hazarvi and another

1980 PLD 1978 Kar 612

KMC Peoples Workers’ Union Vs Registrar of Trade Union, central division, Karachi and another

1997 PLC 315

R. B. Avari & Co. Ltd. Vs All Karachi Liquor Wine Workers Union

1975 PLC 37

Factory Manager, Rustam Sohrab Cycle Factory, Lahore Vs Registrar of Trade Unions and another,

2010 PLC 447

Optimus Ltd. through its Manager Human Resources Vs Registrar of Trade Unions, Sindh through Joint Director Labour South and 2 others, [how a CBA is elected when there are more trade unions]

2010 PLC 166

Head Officer Staff Union Vs Registrar of Trade Unions, Lahore Region, Lahore and another

1980 PLD 1979 Lah 820

Baluchistan Engineering Works Ltd. Through Notified Factory Manager Vs Muhammad Salman and others

 2003 PLC 330

Air league of PIA Employees Union and another Vs Federation of Pakistan/the President/ Chief Executive and another

2003 PLC (C. S.) 145

Aziz Muhammad Vs General Tyre & Rubber Company of Pakistan Ltd. Through Occupier and 3 others

2007 PLC 224

M. C. P. Employees’ Union, Shalimar Workshop, Lahore Vs Afzal Butt, Area General Manager, M. C. P. and 2 others

1979 PLC 13

Optimus Ltd. Employees’ Union and 2 others Vs Optimus Ltd. And 3 others, [letter of warning not to misbehave was not an unfair labour practice]

2009 PLC 354

Ahmad Food Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Through General Manager Vs Ahmad Food Industries Mazdoor Itehad Union and 2 others, Tr. C. (NIRC)

24 PLJ 1998

Idrees Fatima Vs Asrar & another, [female labour was forced to join union]

1974 PLC 46

Pakistan Tobbaco Vs Chairman, Second Labour Court and others, [each clause of settlement is part of agreement and cannot be severed]

1972 PLC 190

Messers Hayat Industries Ltd. Vs the Fourth Sindh Labour Court and two others

1974 PLC 584

Adamjee Cotton Mills Karachi Vs Sindh Employees Social Security Institutions

1974 PLC 213

Messers Crescent Garment Industries Ltd. Vs Workers Union and another

1989 PLC 519

Star Textile Mills Ltd. Vs Third Sindh Labour Court

1973 PLC 376

Muhammad Yousaf Vs Messers Pak Industries ltd.

1973 PLC 45

Messers Café Millat Vs Karachi Hotel Workers Union

1973 PLC 104

 Workers’ Union Vs Indus Chemicals and Alkalies Ltd.

1972 PLC 220

 Modern Tentage & Textile Industries Ltd. Vs Punjab Labour Court No. 1

ETC. PLD 1978 Lah. 965


Karachi Port Trust (KPT) Labour Union, Union Bank KPT, Head Office through its General Secretary Vs Board of Trustees of Tr. C. (NIRC) 344

KPT, PLJ 1998

Habib Bank Ltd., Zonal Office, Bahawalpur Vs NIRC and others

1999 PLC 22

Swat Silk Mills Employees’ Association Vs Shah Jehan Khan

1976 PLC 272

Simplex Rubber Manufacturer (Pvt.) Ltd. Vs Simplex Rubber Manufacturers Employees’ Union and others

2002 PLC 238

Karachi Union of Employees and others Vs The Industrial Court Karachi and others

1961 PLD SC 57

Abdul Razzaq Vs Ihsan Sons Ltd. and 2 others

1992 SCMR 505)

Pir Muhammad Vs Suleman Glass Works, Karachi, [burden of proof is on worker regarding the number of workers to bring proceedings under S1(4)(a)

1992 PLC 940

Asghar Ali Vs Al-Asif Sugar Mills Ltd. Karachi, Tr. C. (Labour)

177 PLJ 1998
Faqir Muhammad Vs The Director of National Savings, Multan Region, Multan

1992 PLC 163

Granulars (Pvt.) Ltd. Vs Muhammad Afzal and others, [application letter should specifically state about application of labour laws]

2002 PLC 1

Attaullah Vs Chief Executive & General Manager, Liberty Power Ltd. Mirpur Mathelo

2001 PLC 473

Hino Pak Motors Limited Vs Chairman, Sindh Labour Appellate Tribunal and others

2002 PLC 89

Pakistan International Airlines Vs Sind Labour Court No. 5 and others

PLD 1980 SC 323

National Steel Rolling Mills and others Vs Province of West Pakistan, 1976 LLC 444

1968 SCMR 317

North Western Railways Vs Sher Muhammad

1967 PLC 101

Adamjee Paper and Board Mills, Nowshera Vs Sher Muhammad Khas and 2 others

1980 PLC 568

Vice Chairman, P. W. Railways Vs Qutbuddin

1975 PLC 310

Muhammad Aslam and another Vs  [cost of living allowance and overtime is not part of wages]

2000 PLC 268

The Divisional Superintendent, N. W. R. Lahore Vs Muhammad Sharif

1960 PLC 214

Lawrencepur Woolen and Textile Mills Ltd. Vs Government of Punjab and others

PLD 2004 SC 416

National Tyre & Rubber Company Vs Sind Labour Court No. III, Karachi and 2 others

1979 PLC 440

Iqbal Ahmed Vs Second Labour Court and another

1980 PLC 316

Crescent Ghee Mills, Presently S. J. Industries, Chichawatni through General Manager Vs Rehmat Ali and another, [golden handshake scheme and payment of wages]

1998 PLC 289  

Pakistan through Chairman Railway Board, Lahore Vs Maqsood Ali & 82 others

1981 PLC 307

S. M. Rahman & Co. Vs Motbar and others,

PLD 1981 SC

Abdur Rashid and others Vs Abdul Rahim

1960 PLC 219

Pakistan International Airline Corporation, Karachi Vs Junior Labour Court No. IV, Karachi and another

PLD 1978 SC 239

Saifee Development Corporation Ltd. Vs Workers’ Union

1965 PLC 304

Anwar Ali Shah Vs Punjab Labour Appellate Tribunal, Lahore and another

1979 PLC 201

Haroon-ur- Rashid Vs Rafhan Maze Products Co. Ltd. through Personnel/ Factory Manager, Faisalabad and 2 others

2000 PLC 99

Noor Silk Mills Ltd. Karachi Vs Yar Ali and 4 others

1969 PLC 216

Hafeez Shah and 3 others Vs United Bank Limited and 2 others

2001 SCMR 931

Mst. Nasreen Akhtar Vs Khair Din, [liability of employer for compensation for death of employee on duty]

2001 PLC 53

Divisional Superintendent P. W. R. Quetta Vs Mian Muhammad

1973 PLC 337

Mst. Lal Jan Vs Silver Paper Tube Co.

1974 PLD Kar. 140

G. D. Gianchand etc. Vs Abdul Hameed

1938 A. I. R. Lah. 855

Muhammad Ali Vs Govt of West Pakistan etc.

PLJ 1974 Lah. 596

Johnson and Philips (Pakistan) Ltd. Vs Jaleel Ahmad

1973 PLC 244

Sindh Employees’ Social Security Institutions Vs Fuji Color Pakistan Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd.

2003 PLC 189

Nestle Milk Pack (Pvt.) Ltd. through Secretary Vs Vice-Commissioner, PESSI, Head office, Lahore and 3 others

2003 PLC 80

Punjab Employees’ Social Security Institutions and others Vs Lyallpur Cotton Mills Ltd. and others

2002 SCMR 729

Sindh Employees’ Social Security Institutions Vs Consolidated Sugar Mills Ltd.

1988 SCMR 888