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Introduction to Pakistan Legal System: Online Articles

This course provides an introduction to the legal system of Pakistan. The course shall include an overview of the Constitutional and statutory provisions to help students understand how the state machinery derives legitimacy from the Constitution; discern

Find Online Articles below

  1. Quaid-e-Azam’s speech of 11th August, 1947
  2. Kaushik, Susheela. "Constitution of Pakistan at Work." Asian Survey (1963): 384-389.
  3. Singhal, D. P. "The new constitution of Pakistan." Asian survey (1962): 15-23.
  4. Choudhury, G. W. "The constitution of Pakistan." Pacific Affairs 29.3 (1956): 243-252.
  5. Mahmud, Tayyab. "Praetorianism & Common Law in Post-Colonial Settings: Judicial Responses to Constitutional Breakdowns in Pakistan." Utah Law Review 4 (1993): 1225.