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Introduction to Pakistan Legal System: Judgments and Cases

This course provides an introduction to the legal system of Pakistan. The course shall include an overview of the Constitutional and statutory provisions to help students understand how the state machinery derives legitimacy from the Constitution; discern

Print Sources

District Bar Association, Rawalpindi Versus Federation of Pakistan (Military Court Case) (PLD 2014 SC 401)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 2015

Sindh High Court Bar Association versus Federation of Pakistan (PCO Judges Case) (PLD 2009 SC 879)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 2009

Zafar Ali Shah versus Pervez Musharraf Chief Executive of Pakistan (PLD 2000 SC 869)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 2000

Benazir Bhutto versus President of Pakistan (Benazir Bhutto Case) (PLD 1998 SC 388)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 1998

Mahmood Khan Achakzai versus Federation of Pakistan (PLD 1997 SC 426)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 1997

Nawaz Sharif versus President of Pakistan (Nawaz Sharif Case) (PLD 1993 SC 473)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 1993

Federation of Pakistan v Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao (PLD 1992 SC 723)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 1992

Federation of Pakistan versus Muhammad Saifullah Khan (PLD 1989 SC 166)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 1989

Benazir Bhutto versus Federation of Pakistan (PLD 1988 SC 416)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 1988

Begum Nusrat Bhutto versus Chief of Army Staff and Federation of Pakistan (Nusrat Bhutto Case) (PLD 1977 SC 657)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 1977

Miss Asma Jilani versus Government of The Punjab (PLD 1972 SC 139)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 1972

The State versus Dosso (Dosso Case) (PLD 1958 SC 533)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 1958

Dosso versus The State (PLD 1957 Quetta 9)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 1957

Federation of Pakistan versus Maulvi Tamizuddin (Molvi Tamizuddin case) (PLD 1955 FC 240)

KICJ 348.5491044 A416 1955