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Intermediate Finance: Web-Links

Useful Websites


Investopedia is a good starting place for those who find themselves dumbfounded by the terms used in the financial world.

One thing that really stands out on’s business and finance page is the section they have for small businesses. Obviously, small businesses are different from large ones, and most people who go into business for themselves start out small

Biz/ed Learning Zone

What stands out at the Biz/ed Learning Zone is the section on accounting, which provides easy-to-understand accounting lessons. Spreadsheets are the lifeblood of accounting, and Biz/ed’s accounting lessons come in spreadsheet format with multiple pages. Plus, they’re color-coded to make the lessons easier on the eyes. Perhaps surprisingly, colorful accounting spreadsheets are much easier to process than trying to read the same information from a black and white textbook.


The thing I like the most about is how nicely the website’s main page is designed. As a writer, I’ve had many experiences searching government websites for specific information, which can be frustrating because information is often either hidden or organized in a way that doesn’t make sense.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy covers a variety of disciplines, and the site is always adding new lessons to its database. I’m most impressed with  its financial and economics lessons. Khan Academy excels at presenting dry material in an engaging way that is brief and to the point – there is no chance of falling asleep during a lecture here. I have actually used Khan Academy to help pass college classes, and I can tell you I have never been so excited about furthering my own personal education.