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Introduction to Contemporary Pakistani Cinema: Films

Pakistani Films

The films listed here are an example of the types of films that may be screened in full, in part, or used only in reference during the course. International films may be shown for further analysis and discussion. Lectures and readings will assist class discussions on these screen texts. Students are encouraged to bring other examples into class discussions. The list of films provided here is a sample and may be amended/expanded as needed.
1. Zinda Bhaag/Run For Your Life, dirs. Meenu Gaur & Farjad Nabi (Pakistan, 2013)
2. Waar/To Strike, dir. Bilal Lashari (Pakistan, 2013)
3. Na Maloom Afrad (NMA)/Unknown Persons, dir. Nabeel Qureshi (Pakistan, 2014)
4. Dukhtar/Daughter, dir. Afia Nathaniel (Pakistan, 2014)
5. Moor/Mother, dir. Jami (Pakistan, 2015)
6. Ho Mann Jahaan/Be Where Your Heart Is, dir. Asim Raza (Pakistan, 2016)
7. Punjab Nahi Jaungi/I Will Not Go To Punjab, dir. Nadeem Beyg, 2017
8. Cake, dir. Asim Abbasi (Pakistan, 2018)
9. Rear Window, dir. Alfred Hitchcock (USA, 1954)
10. The Birds, dir. Alfred Hitchcock (USA, 1963)
11. The Usual Suspects, dir. Bryan Singer (USA, 1995)
12. Satya, dir. Ram Gopal Varma (India, 1998)
13. A Separation, dir. Asghar Farhadi (Iran, 2011)
14. Rockstar, dir. Imtiaz Ali (India, 2011)