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This course "Truth, Memory, and Justice" is intended as an interdisciplinary, collective study of the claims made by groups of people upon whom great violence has been exercised


Welcome to the Gad & Birgit Rausing Library's guide to "Truth, Memory, and Justice". This course is intended as an interdisciplinary, collective study of the claims made by groups of people upon whom great violence has been exercised. The questions we will ask are: how is memory denied and affirmed; what trauma is inflicted and what amnesia cultivated to forestall or deny invocations of memory; how voice is reclaimed after years, decades, and generations of enforced silence; what methods and means are employed to speak a collective memory of violence; what forums and which kinds of words or arguments the claims of these communities take. We will also focus specifically on what is claimed: which remedies, what kinds of relief, whether compensation suffices, and what the sufferings of the victims imply for the futures and selves are called upon to be created. This course also engages with the category and idea of truth: controlling truths, contested truths, subjugated truths, and the possibilities of honoring multiple, diverse truths. Finally, we ask: how central is justice to peace, and how is justice conceived by communities from within locations of real constraint.

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