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Paradigms in Brain Function: Recommended Websites

This course aims to give its students a foundational understanding of fundamental paradigms of brain functions. It also explores functional organization of the brain and the hierarchies and constituencies within the mind. The course will systematically hi

Recommended Websites

DSS The OpenDSS is an electric power Distribution System Simulator (DSS) for supporting distributed resource integration and grid modernization efforts. See Discussion Forum for latest news

GridIQ GridIQ is an open source software system which enables agents executing in an agent platform to interact with devices in a power simulation tool during simulation, providing a test bed for smart grid agents.

GridLAB-D GridLAB-D™ is a new power distribution system simulation and analysis tool that provides valuable information to users who design and operate distribution systems, and to utilities that wish to take advantage of the latest energy technologies. 

Microgrids Group The Microgrids Group at Berkeley Lab studies customer adoption patterns of microgrid technologies. For an overview of our work, please download our one-pager. The slideshow below highlights some of our research areas and projects:

OpenPMU The OpenPMU project is a suite of tools to help researchers create new power system technologies.  The project was originally founded at Queen's University Belfast, UK, and subsequently joined by the SmarTS Lab at KTH Stockholm, Sweden. 

PeoplePower Most IoT companies start with chips and gadgets, from the bottoms-up. We start with people. With cloud and mobile software stacks designed from the top-down, we make the gadgets work for you.

Wattdepot Watt Depot is an open source software system that: Collects electricity and/or other associated environmental data (temperature, humidity, lighting) from meters; ...