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Law 472 – Criminal Procedure: Important e-Databases


E-databases archive scholarly journal featuring full text articles from journals in Law, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, History, and much more disciplines; coverage varies by title.

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Once you have identified your topic, check to see if it is too specific, if it is, work toward a general focus. This will help you generate a list of keywords or concepts related to your topic. Use our Web Discovery service to search articles from databases subscribed by the LUMS Library. 

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Law e-Databases


HeinOnline is a premier online database containing more than 173 million pages and 270,000 titles of historical and government documents. HeinOnline bridges an important research gap by providing comprehensive coverage from the inception of more than 2,700 law-related periodicals and contains the entire Congressional Record, Federal Register, and Code of Federal Regulations back to 1754 and much more.


More than legal research, the LexisNexis® Total Research System provides you online access to state and federal case law; codes and statutes; court documents, and extensive secondary materials such as treatises and law journal articles. It has over 3.5 billion public records; business news, legal news, and regional news; expert commentary on the law; Shepard's® Citations Service; and more.

Pakistan Lawsite 

This legal source ensembles the idea of LawsOnline for Statutes, Rules, and Cases relating to Pakistan. This site is one of its kind and houses all the federal and provincial statutes and cases related to these statutes. Taxation, Service, Copyright, State planning, Labour, and all kinds of Fiscal statutes are covered in this site.

Popular e-Databases

Cambridge Journals Online   

Cambridge University Press’s collection of nearly 200 leading journals across social science subjects such as Law, Politics, Religion, Humanities, and Pure Sciences and Technology.


Emerald Insight   

Provides full text of all 150+ Emerald online journals available, with full text back files, many going back to 1990's abstracts going back in some cases to 1980's covering Law, Politics, and such other subjects.



An online archive database with complete back files of over 700 core scholarly journals covering Law, Religion, Philosophy, Anthropology, History, Geography, Political Sciences, Business, Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Language, and Education.


Project Muse    

This source offers full text access to current content from prestigious humanities and social sciences (Law, Politics, Religion, Philosophy, and Psychology etc.) journals worldwide.



The world's leading electronic collection of scientific journals and provides access to the full text of last 5 years. The subject areas covered in this database are Legal Studies, Business Management and Accounting, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics.                             

Taylor & Francis Journals          Taylor & Francis Journals provide access to over 1100 peer-reviewed research journals published by Taylor & Francis, and it covers 79 Law journals.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Free e-Databases


The British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) provides access to the most comprehensive set of British and Irish primary legal materials that are available for free and in one place on the internet. In August 2012, BAILII included 90 databases covering 7 jurisdictions. The system contains around 36 gigabytes of legal materials and around 297,513 searchable documents.


Google Scholar  

Google Scholar is a useful and effective resource that allows you to search across a wide range of legal literature. It draws on information from journal publishers, university repositories, and other websites that it has identified as scholarly.


Indian Kanoon

Indian Kanoon achieves law documents into smallest possible clause and by integrating Laws/Statutes with Court judgments. A tight integration of court judgments with laws and with themselves allows automatic determination of the most relevant clauses and court judgments.



The jurisprudence database is intended to be a single source of the human rights recommendations and findings issued by all above committees in their work on individual cases.


Legal Scholarship Network       

The Legal Scholarship Network (LSN) is directed by Bernard Black and Ronald J. Gilson. LSN Research Paper Series offer your institution a way to showcase and distribute the research of your faculty and staff. We encourage the readers of our journals to communicate directly with other members of the SSRN Community regarding their own and other's research.


Project Diana - Human Rights Cases

Project Diana is a comprehensive and authoritative online human rights database. This database contains an extensive collection of human rights materials, which pertain to women’s human rights, international human rights, and many others.